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About Us

Propulsion Magazine was created out of need. Not only the need to create but the need to promote others dedicating their lives to creating. Born in the spring of 2012, Propulsion Magazine has featured, shared, and published hundreds of artists in every form of media.
The brainchild of the two owners gained momentum in the first year releasing the first few issues and showcasing their first living magazine event. This helped them build a solid following and dedicated team to help propel the company mission. Over the last couple years things have been quiet. The model had been tested and now it must improve. Countless hours have been spent reworking the entire way the company is managed and organized while silently studying media trends to develop a better product. We've grown, evolved, and are looking to continue changing with every passing day. Now we must get back to delivering the good stuff.
Propulsion Magazine maintains an affinity for alternative/occult related art and works depicting deep themes that invoke strong emotional responses. Propulsion does not shy away from counter culture or taboo topics and depictions. Controversial topics and things that start conversations and create questions are always welcome. We encourage individuality and free thought amongst all included. So join our world and let us help you share your creative passions. Our mission is to unite underground artists and help them share their craft with the masses. Not only are we dedicated to our mission, we are also obsessed with feeding the passion for art. We celebrate artistic culture, thoughts, feelings and emotions as expressed in any medium. Propulsion Magazine looks to fill our pages with both well known and underground talent to provide a fresh look at how the media delivers and promotes creative content. Someone’s popularity does not influence our opinion of their talent and ability. Our trend is what’s good not just what everyone else is into at the moment. We want to take on this mission of networking, sharing, and creating incredible art because we are you. We are the local bands playing for bar tabs. The secret poets in smoke filled coffee shops and hungry painters in cold and messy studios. We are the nerdy outcasts and cynical comics; the photographers shooting weddings to make rent, the traveling models, and sleepless designers making fliers for all the shows. We look for the people that are the same way; teeming with talent and have yet to find their audience. We are here to give them that audience because we know talent exists all over the world that is largely overlooked and forgotten. W
e can and want to help change that.

We eat sleep and breath art, this is what we do.
We are Propulsion Magazine.



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               Jess Hess                                                        Tony Hoskie 
          Owner/Editor in Chief                                    Owner/Music Coordinator           

                      Megan Rice
                 Senior Talent Scout