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If you have questions or comments, please contact us using the form below. If you are looking to submit your work or purchase ad space. please find the correct email listed to the right. 

1. By submitting you agree that you have full rights to publish and use the photo(s) / content. If you are not sure if you do or not (Ie; you're submitting a photoshoot that another photographer shot of you), simply email the person who created the images and ask.
2. You will be held fully responsible if you lie about your ownership or your ability to use and publish the photos. 
3. You must include credits for all members involved.
4. Propulsion Magazine does not shy away from dark, scary, controversial, or taboo topics and subjects. We do however have a strong anti-hate policy and will not publish or promote works that promote hate speech and anti-equality. We will not publish photos that appear to contain real graphic violence or animals/people harmed specifically for the purpose of your art. 
Underage nudity and depictions of real life crimes will be reported. 
5. High resolution images needed for publication. It's ok to submit with small, web sized images, but you must also have a copy of the printable high resolution images if we choose to print your photo.
6. Check and double check spellings and links before sending your email. What you type is what we will publish. 
7. By submitting you agree to allow Propulsion Magazine and it's associates to use your work (with credits) on our website, publications, social media, and advertising.