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Please read the following carefully, as incorrect submissions will not be processed. 
Photos DO NOT need to be exclusive!



1. By submitting you agree that you have full rights to publish and use the photo(s) / content. If you are not sure if you do or not (Ie; you're submitting a photoshoot that another photographer shot of you), simply email the person who created the images and ask. You will be held fully responsible if you lie about your ownership or your ability to use and publish the photos. 

2. You MUST include credits for all members involved. 

3. Propulsion Magazine does not shy away from dark, scary, controversial, or taboo topics and subjects. We do however have a strong anti-hate policy and will not publish or promote works that promote hate speech and anti-equality. We will not publish photos that appear to contain real graphic violence or animals/people harmed specifically for the purpose of your art. 
Underage nudity and depictions of real-life crimes will be reported. 

4. Check and double check spellings and links before sending your email. What you type is what we will publish. Any retractions will be charged based on the time needed for our editors to rework the issue.

5. By submitting you agree to allow Propulsion Magazine and it's associates to use your work (with credits) on our website, publications, social media, and advertising. 

6. Propulsion is ran by a team of volunteers, and as such we cannot and do not pay to feature artists, nor can we give out free issues to those featured. All proceeds go back into the magazine. By submitting you agree to these terms. 

7. Please title your submission email as SUBMISSION so they are viewed sooner!

8. Please refrain from asking for the cover. All front and back covers are chosen by the team collectively towards the end of submission deadlines. You cannot submit content if you only want it used for the cover. Submissions with such requests will be deleted.

9. We rarely, if ever, have themes. All themes are accepted to all issues.

10. ALL types of art are accepted. Photography, design, makeup, writing, music, you name it.

11. If you are photographing your sculpture work or scanning in your art, keep in mind the image quality has to match the skill shown on the sculpture or painting. A piece can be magnificent but if the photo doesn't also look magnificent we cannot publish it. 

12. We do not publish editorials and instead focus on artist features. As such, we don't want the images to be from the same set. We want to promote your body of work as a whole, not any one photo set. We want the feature to be about YOU as an artist. 

13. We love Dropbox, please use it. Do not share the folder with us, but instead click "share folder" then choose to "create link" and copy and paste the link into your email. We do not accept Google Drive or any other app. 


-Only send high-resolution, unwatermarked images. No small web sized images, no watermarks (exceptions made for painted on artist signatures on traditional work). Images should be JPG, 300 dpi, and as close to 11" on the longest side as you have. The bigger the better. 
-You must submit at least 6 images to be considered for a feature. One photo submissions will be ignored. There is no cap to the number of images you can submit, the more the merrier. 
-To submit, upload your high-resolution images to a dropbox folder. Label each image with the title of the piece. If the piece or photo has no title, just number the image(s) so we can keep them separate. Do not "share" the folder with us, instead, click on the "Share Folder" button, choose to create a link, and then copy that link and paste it into an email.
-Include ALL relevant credits as well as a short bio (3rd person). Credits (such as model name, makeup artist, etc.) should be clearly labeled for which image they belong to and typed into the text area of the email, NOT in a document on Dropbox. The bio should also be typed into the email text area and not as a document on Dropbox.
-Copy the following, fill it out, and email it to us at:

Studio Name / Alias:
Which would you prefer to be credited as?
Other Social Media Links: 
Short Bio:
Dropbox Link: 

-You MUST have permission from any photographer whose work you are submitting. Be sure to clearly label each image with proper credits. 
-You MUST have tangible songs for us to listen to as well as be an active, performing musician.
-Send high resolution, unwatermarked (300 dpi) images as well as your APK, social media links, and a short bio to:


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