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The darker side of art, music, culture, and Fashion.

Want to Volunteer?

Propulsion Magazine is always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team and help us propel underground artists!  
We are a magazine sworn to promote underground artists of all kinds that show skill in their craft. We're looking for people with a passion for art and an even greater passion for helping hard-working artists to succeed. 
All members of our staff work on a volunteer basis, and all proceeds go directly back into making the magazine. As such we cannot offer any paid jobs at this time. 
Members of our team should be dedicated and driven, and have a passion for underground art, music, culture, and fashion. Experience is not required, and having a friendly personality and a can-do attitude will get you far within our ranks. There are lots of spots available, and we can't wait to meet you!

Are there perks?
Sure are! As a member of our team, you'll get the inside scoop on all the dealings with the magazine. You'll have advanced notice of possible themes, deadlines, and more. You will also have an "in" with our editors meaning you have more leverage to get people published than any old Joe Shmoe. Higher ranking members who have proven themselves to have a good eye will also be able to promise publication to artists, and you may even work your way up to helping filter submissions, which means you get to help choose who is and isn't published. Higher ranking members will also receive free digital copies of each issue, and artists within our ranks have a higher chance of being published than they would if they didn't work with us. On top of that, team members will get first dibs on merch and free promotional materials, such as flyers, business cards, stickers, shirts and more (as they become available). Some team members may also find themselves with the opportunity to attend concerts and interview bands for the magazine, or work with high end clients to create content for upcoming issues. Additionally, members of our team will receive occasional free publicity on our social media, as well as the possibility to earn free ad space on our website and in print. All members of our team will be praised on our various platforms, and those participating in the actual creation of the magazine will be credited in each issue. 

Interested in joining? 
Email us at for more info!


Positions Available

Talent Scout:
As a talent scout, you will be expected to make cold emails to artists (photographers, models, designers, traditional artists, etc.) that you think would be a good fit for the magazine. You will be our first line of quality control, prompting talented artists to send in submissions. Talent scouts will be expected to find creatives on various social platforms (Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr, etc.) that fit our theme and email them to tell them about our magazine, and to ask them to submit their work to our coordinating emails. Talent messaged will not be promised publication if they do choose to submit, and talent scouts should not make it seem as though they are promising publication. Your goal as a scout is only to find new artists, make them aware of our magazine and who we are, and get them to submit.

Advertising Salesperson:
Ad salespeople are responsible for emailing potential advertisers with our rates and information, as well as responding to advertisers that email us. You will be responsible for helping us fill a certain number of ad spaces for each issue, and for giving away a certain number of free ad spaces in our mini classifieds section. 

Social Media Coordinator:
As a social media coordinator, you will be responsible for finding interesting images and articles around the web and sharing them to our various social media to gain followers and promote interaction with our pages. Social media coordinators will be expected to provide proper credits on all images and articles, as well as link back to the appropriate sources. You will be responsible for creating engaging content, scheduling content to air at appropriate times, and keeping pages active. Coordinators will also be responsible for linking online articles to our various social media and linking back to the website whenever possible.

Social Media Head - Instagram:
As our Instagram social media head, you will be responsible for running our Instagram account. You will repost content shared to our Facebook, as well as new content from around the web. You will also promote artists that tag the page or artists from IG that fit our look and theme. You will be responsible for keeping the page active, as well as gaining new followers and creating engaging content. As our Instagram head, you will get to choose who is and isn't featured on the IG page, as well as run contests and choose winners to help gain new followers. 

Social Media Head - Twitter:
As our social media Twitter head, you will be responsible for many of the same things as our IG head. You will be expected to post links to our articles as well as share content shared on our other social media. You will be responsible for keeping our Twitter active and posting engaging content to gain new shares and followers. 

Street Team Member:
As a member of our street team, your only goal is to hype new issues and the magazine as a whole. You will send invitations to join pages, tell your friends about us, and share posts that we make to your wall and groups that it belongs in. You will share our new issues, tag friends, and get people excited about our magazine. Street team members are NOT encouraged to spam, annoy people, or post into groups where images don't belong. We're looking to active people to interact with our posts and share them according to what is appropriate. 

Street Team Head:
As the head of our street team, you will be responsible for all the same things as a normal street team member, with the added responsibility of admining our Facebook group and keeping members excited about participation. You will be expected to keep the group active, find new street team members, and even host contests to reward active members of the group for their hard work and dedication. 

Assistant Editor:
Assistant editor will be responsible for creating actual pages for print issues. You will be sent the content needed as well as given a rough idea of how we want it to look. You will then be responsible for building the pages assigned and sending them back to the editor before the deadline. Assistant editors are usually chosen from existing team members who have shown an outstanding level of graphic design know how and a keen eye to our style and tastes. Assistant editors will be required to have a working knowledge of photoshop and may be quizzed on it to obtain the position. You must also have your own copy of the creative cloud, or an account that you can access regularly.

Staff Writer:
As a staff writer your job will vary based on your skills and preferences. We need writers to conduct interviews with artists, as well as writers to write articles for both the print magazine and the website. Writers for the website will be expected to know the ins and outs of cross linking articles together for more views, as well as citing sources and credits where necessary. Some writers will be required to conduct in person or online interviews and create stories from those interviews. Writers will also be responsible for searching out and securing good stories that fit with our theme and that our readers will be interested in and engage with.  Writers are expected to have a firm grasp on the English language (multilingual a plus) and can show that in their writing. Writers must also be strong proofreaders to keep typos and retractions at a minimum. You will also be responsible for fact checking everything that you publish before it is published to ensure no retractions need to be made and no false information is spread by our website and magazine. Writers can choose to submit artistic pieces as well, such as poems or short stories, and are not limited to writing articles, although writing articles will be your main priority. 

Senior Writer:
As a senior writer, your job will be the same as our normal staff writers, with the additional responsibility of maintaining the articles email and filing submissions . You will be responsible for accepting or denying written submissions to the magazine, as well as making sure the staff writers are all focused on articles relevant to the magazine. You may choose to assign staff writers to specific tasks as needed for the magazine or online, as well as rejecting or editing articles written by the staff writers if needed. You will be in charge of quality control for the articles and stories published in the magazine and online. 

To apply for any position, email us at 
Include the position you are applying for, links to your social media/websites, and relevant examples of your work (if applicable). All volunteer submissions will be tediously screened by existing staff, and those accepted will be notified by email and sent an informational pdf on your job requirements.

*Please note that ALL positions will be expected to share our newly released issues to their social media, as well as invite friends and get people excited for the magazine. Higher positions may be required to travel for magazine events, concerts, and more. We reserve the right to give and revoke job titles at any time for any reason, and titles will be revoked if individuals do not participate as expected.*